Samantha Collins

                                                                 Samantha Collins
                                                      History and Government Major
                                                                   Coal City, WV

What brought you to Tech?
I came to Tech because I had friends that had went to Tech previously and had told me how much they enjoyed it. Once I came to Tech, I fell in love with the friendly atmosphere.

What advice would you give to a fellow first-generation student?
I would say, “Take it day by day” and to utilize every resource available.

What advice do you wish you had known before coming to college?
I wished that I had known that it’s okay to take it easy that it is important to balance school work and self-care.

Why is it important for WVU Tech to celebrate our first-generation students, faculty, and staff?
I think that it is important because first-generation students are a vital part of Tech’s population. First-generation students are brave to be able to take a different path than their parents and their grandparents had taken. 

What things can people do to be champions for first-generation students?
I believe that people can be champions for first-generation students by showing that they are not alone and to provide resources that will help them be successful in college.