Victor Garcia


What brought you to Tech?
A major factor for choosing Tech was the great engineering program that the school is recognized for, and knowing that I would have the opportunity in interact with professors compared to other universities.

What advice would you give to a fellow first generation student?
Attending college is a big transition for a first generation student, especially by overcoming many obstacles that get in our path.  At times things can get rough and we start to question so many different things that come into factor.  However, in the end we have to keep striving for what we want to accomplish because anything is possible.

What advice do you wish you had known before coming to college?
What I wish that I had known before coming to college is knowing that there are so many different organizations and programs that can help you out. In my personal experience, TRIO SSS has been a great program to be a part of because of the ways that they encourage you to strive for more, stay informed, and accomplish what you thought was impossible. If you have any doubts or are struggling with any course, TRIO SSS provides advisors and tutors so that you can academically succeed. It is an atmosphere that makes you feel at home even though you are away from home.

Why is it important for WVU Tech to celebrate our first generation students, faculty and staff?
We can come together and relate to something that we all have in common. It motivates other first generation students in a way that makes them think that if we as students, faculty, and staff we’re able to make it, then they will feel motivated to succeed as well. It starts a chain reaction. They see that no matter what comes their way, they managed to overcome that obstacle.

What things can people do to be champions for first generation students?
As first generation students, we face a lot of barriers in and out of the classroom We may not know how to approach or do certain things.  Guiding us in the right direction, based on your own experiences, can help us overcome barriers to a college degree.

Anything else that you’d like to share about your experience?
As a first generation Mexican-American student, I would like to lead by example. No matter what type of background you come from, you can accomplish great things. There are so many factors that can make us feel like we do not have what it takes to be a college graduate.  By showing that I have been able attend college and choose the right path; I can prove that it is possible, no matter what it takes.