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                                               Spring 2021 Information

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the WVU Tech TRIO SSS program services will look different for the Spring 2021 semester.  While things will look different, the mission of the program is still the same; to serve our participants.    

Below you will find important information regarding program services: 

Office Hours

The TRIO SSS office will be open, Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.  If you need to meet with a TRIO SSS staff member, you will need to schedule a meeting at the links below:

Scott Robertson, Director 

Schedule a meeting with Scott

Jeanette Bane, Assistant Director

Schedule a meeting with Jeanette

Josh Lomas, College Success Coach

Schedule a meeting with Josh

Meetings can be held in person using the protocols set forth by the CDC and WVU.  Students who wish to meet via Zoom can make that request.  

Free Printing

Students will continue to receive free printing through the TRIO SSS program. Students who need documents printed must email their attachments to tech-sss@mail.wvu.edu by 9:00 AM, Monday - Friday. Documents sent to the TRIO SSS vanity account by 9:00 AM will be printed off per the student’s request. The printing will be placed in a folder with the student’s name on the outside tab in the TRIO SSS lobby. All documents will be ready for pick up every day at Noon in the baskets. Documents that are not picked up within a week will be placed in recycling. 

Computer Lab

We will operate our computer lab going forward with only three computer stations to space-out students. You can stop by as needed and use the computer lab. All students must sign in prior to using the lab.


We will provide professional math tutoring with Phil Redden remotely via Google Hangouts. If you are interested in meeting with Phil for tutoring, please click here.

Peer Tutoring will happen in person and on Google Hangouts. Students will sign up for tutoring. Click here to sign up for a slot with one of our tutors.


We plan on offering activities and a variety of sessions to participants this spring. Check your email, the University calendar and our social media pages for activities and events.