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A TRIO SSS graduate is holding up their diploma at graduation.

Students can apply to become a participant in the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program at any point in their undergraduate career (freshman to senior) and at any point in the semester. Participation in the program is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students will be admitted based upon eligibility and availability of o pen slots in the program. 


Any undergraduate student who:

  • is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States;
  • has been accepted for enrollment at WVU Tech in a four-year degree program;
  • meets one or more of the following federal criteria:
    • is a first-generation college student (neither father, mother or legal guardian(s) has graduated from a four-year institution)
    • is income eligible as determined by federal government guidelines Eligibility Guidelines
    • is a student with a documented sensory, psychological, learning or physical disability

Application Process

Income Verification
Step One :

Students interested in applying to TRIO SSS need to complete an application. Applicants can apply online or download the application and mail it back to TRIO SSS at the address listed below. 

Online Application  

Download Application 

Step Two:

If your household filed taxes, the second step is to verify the household’s 2021 taxable income. You have two (2) options to verify your household's income.

    1) Verify this online. This option will expedite your application.  

Online Income Verification 

     2)  Mail or hand-deliver a signed 2021 tax copy to the TRIO SSS office at the address listed below.

Mailing Address:
410 Neville Street
100 Benedum Center
Beckley, WV 25801