We pride ourselves on our top-notch tutoring program!  We provide participants with one-on-one tutoring with our Professional Math Tutor as well as highly skilled Peer Tutors. 

PhotoStudy – Program participants will be able to use the PhotoStudy App to access tutors 24 hours a day, seven days a week for assistance in Basic Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Chemistry & Physics.  You may only submit five questions in a 24 hour period.  Android users can download the app in the  Google Play store .  For Apple, you can download it in the AppStore .

Professional Math Tutoring – Phil Redden, Professional Math Tutor, will continue to tutor program participants. Phil will be using Google Hangouts to meet with students online.  If you miss three appointments with Phil, you will be removed from his schedule.  Click here to schedule tutoring with Phil. 

Peer Tutoring  – Peer Tutors will be available to meet online via Google Hangouts or in-person. Students will be contacted by their tutor via email at the start of their scheduled appointment to join their online tutoring session. Please use the below links to schedule with the correct tutor for your course subject.

Peer Tutor

Subjects Covered

Schedule A Session

Jorge Hernandez

CHEM 115-116
CHEM 233
CHEM 234
MATH 156 and below

Click here to schedule with Jorge!   

Pablo Muniz Rocandio

MATH 129-261
EE 220 – 224
All Spanish Classes

Click here to schedule with Pablo!

Laura Requena Rollon

CHEM 111-115
FRNX 100-300 Classes 
Math 128 and below
PSYC 101, 241, 302 & 363 
All Spanish Classes
STAT 211

Click here to schedule with Laura!

Ashton Graley

ECON 201
ENGL 101-305
MAE 241-242
Math 129 & 156
PHYS 112

Click here to schedule with Ashton!   

Britt Barley

BIOL 111,112,230,231,240,347 & 354
CHEM 115-116
CSAD 270
STAT 211

Click here to schedule with Britt!   

Lucie Strasser

BIOL 240
Math 128-155
PHYS 101

Click here to schedule with Lucie!   

Raza Ahmed

BIOL 111, 112, 225 & 240
CHEM 115-116
PHYS 111-112

Click here to schedule with Raza!   

We will be adding additional tutors during the fall semester. Please check back often.