We pride ourselves on our top-notch tutoring program! We provide participants with one-on-one tutoring with our Professional Math Tutor, online tutoring, highly skilled Peer Tutors, and Supplemental Math tutoring. 

Spring 2023 Tutoring Options

1) Professional Math Tutor   –  Students can meet with Phil Redden in the TRIO office at 100 Benedum Center. 

  • Schedule up to two appointments a week with Phil
  • Phil's schedule will be available one month at a time
  • You will be removed from Phil's monthly schedule if you miss  three appointments per month
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2) Peer Tutors  –  Students can meet with our Peer Tutors in the TRIO office at 100 Benedum Center. 

  • Book unlimited appointments with our Peer Tutors
  • Peer Tutors' schedules will be available one month at a time
  • Use the links below to schedule

3)  Math 122 Group Review Sessions    – Who's that sitting in your math class? It's Kaleb Cole! He's attending Math 122 and will learn alongside you. Check the schedule in the table below for his weekly review sessions and drop-in hours.   

4)  PhotoStudy  – Program participants can use the PhotoStudy App to access tutors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for assistance in basic Math through Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Writing. You can only submit five questions in a 24 hour period.  Android users can download the app in the Google Play store. For Apple, you can download it in the AppStore .

Peer Tutor

Subjects Covered

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Ana Muniz Rocandio

CHE 211-212
CHEM 115-234
ENGR 111
Math 126, 128, 155 & 156
PSYC 101, 201 & 304
All Spanish Classes

Schedule with Ana

Ashley Lanham

BIOL 111-112
CS 121-122
Math 126, 128, 155 & 156

Schedule with Ashley

Katie Pennington

BIOL 111-112 & 230
CHEM 115-234
Math 155, 156 & 251

Schedule with Katie     

Sebastian Galvez

Math 251 & Below
PHYS 111

Schedule with Sebastian

Christiana DiPisa

ENGL 101, 102, 258, & 305

Schedule with Christiana  

Kaleb Cole    

Attending Math 122                             

Weekly Review Sessions:
LRC 313
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3 - 4 PM

Weekly Drop-In Hours:
LRC 313
Tuesday & Thursday 4 - 5 PM